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Experimentation – a new hobby

Experimentation – a new hobby

So, recently in the past few months I have been taking on these personal little experiments.

Most of them until now have been concerning food. I started slow, became a full time vegetarian but I have been something that you can call a part time vegetarian, since I never buy or cook meat for myself. Then I went on and tried being a vegan for week. That was of course a little bit harder, but once I got rid of all animal products in my fridge and set my mind to it it was as easy as that. Next up was the hardest of the three, RAW vegan. That was a challenge I can tell you, especially since I did not have all the optimal equipments like a dehydrator or a super-blender. I stacked up on only fruits and vegetables and tried to ‘cook’ and prepare the foods in as many different ways as I could think of and find. That was basically the goal for me.

With these experiments I wanted to broaden my view and thinking of food and how I eat them, prepare them and cook them. I wanted to see different approaches and techniques, stepping out from what have become my food habits and routines.

I found it extremely enjoyable how focused and determined I became during all these experiments. I usually don’t think of myself as a very self controlled person, but during these challenges I was as controlled as I have ever been, and it felt so good! Combining that feeling of goodness with the one I got from eating healthy and clean I was in the top of my game.

So now I just want to keep on going, experiment away.


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