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One month – one outfit

One month – one outfit

So from my previous little food experiments to something bigger and more out there, I wanted to take on a more self reflecting and social experiment.

I am constantly aware of waste and sustainability. I think my life goal would be to live a zero waste life(possibly an upcoming experiment). I am constantly aware of what I throw out and what I buy, and the effects it has. These thoughts have been with me for many years, but I am getting more and more inspired by them to do something about it.

Recently in school we had a trend forecasting workshop where I made this concept of mine headlining “Less is more too much”. I think it was me putting my ideal way of living down in a single concept, presenting it to others, but I also think (and hope!) that it will become a way of thinking for everyone in coming years. So it basically is about being able to express yourself in as few things as you can, where determination and confidence is the key element (the new sexy). We live in a world of endless consumerism where people are drowning in things and constantly seek to buy more and more, the newest and the best. And it is ruining us and our planet. Things are not made to last any more, things are made to break so that you can buy more things. And the saddest part is that we all deep in side know that we own too much, and buy too much – and that we don’t do enough to to change that.

All these thoughts and concerns, and more that I will write about later, have inspired me to try wearing the same outfit for 38 days.
38 days is a very specific number, but it is the days until my final exam at school is over – so I found appropriate to end the experiment at the same day as I end my exchange semester here in Kolding Designschool.

I will wear the same outfit for this whole time, wether it is at school, home, out for dinner, parties or what ever.

I will give you a detailed overview of the outfit later.


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