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The one and the only outfit

The one and the only outfit

Actually I have to tell you that choosing the outfit was the most easy part for me. I kind of didn’t care. I just walked into a store knowing that I had to find something that I could wear every single day for a month, and that I had to do it now. It wasn’t like your typical shopping experience, it was more of a obligation to me at that point.

In a perfect world I would have wanted the outfit that I chose to wear for a month to be completely sustainable, fair-trade, biodegradable, top quality stuff – as I would wish everything that I bought and everything that would ever be produced in the world would be (my little utopia).  But for the sake of the experiment and my wallet I bought my outfit in the store Monki. Over a year ago I started boycotting H&M (but H&M also owns stores such as Monki, Weekday, Cos and &Other stories) and other huge stores like that. I don’t feel comfortable buying something where I know that somewhere in the line someone or something has not been done justice. But for the sake of this experiment being about how it would affect me and my everyday life by just wearing one outfit, I went a little against my own esthetics.
I told my self that if I like the results and would take it on full time to only wear one outfit everyday, then I would invest in something better, or even make it myself!

I have kind of just stopped buying clothes at all. I am constantly wearing the same things, and I have found it surprising that since I moved to Kolding in january with my one suitcase there are still a lot of clothes that I haven’t even worn yet. And honestly, right now I can’t even remember what things and what clothes I have in storage back in Iceland! Why do we own so much stuff? And why do we always seek to buy/get/have more?
You could say that the idea about this experiment has been cooking in my head for some while now, and I am so glad that it has come to live. Excited to see the results.

So, there I was walking around Copenhagen, knowing I had to find something that I would have to wear for a whole month straight. I had not specifically planned what I would buy or where I was going to buy it, I just knew that it had to be done.

A thing that you maybe would have to know about me is that I only wear black. My everyday look is black from head to toe, socks and underwear included. (A fun fact though is that when I dress up I like to wear baby colored dresses, and two of my favorites are baby blue and baby pink)
That being said, I didn’t want to choose an outfit that was black from head to toe. People probably wouldn’t even notice that I was wearing the same thing every single day if it was totally black. So I stumbled up on this nice light blue shirt. It was long and wide, simple and minimalistic but a 100% cotton which is kind of what sold me.

Next I found some really soft pants that at first look I thought where more like a high waisted suit-like pants, but turned out to be more of a tight jersey. Very soft, grayish black, 72% modal, 28% polyester blend.
At first I had thought that I would want to buy a pair of black skinny jeans and a top, but then it hit me that wearing high waisted skinny jeans for only 3 days in a row is an impossible task for me, so a month was never going to happen. These soft modal pants that I found where a nice substitute for the skinny jean.
I tried it both on and imagined my self wearing it for a whole month, and it was something that I considered possible. Shout-out to the amazing Sunna Ástþórsdóttir, that gave me a helping hand in the decision process.
With two pairs of each garment I went to the cashier and payed 900DKK for it all.

But of course I can’t only wear a shirt and a pant, there is more to an outfit than that.
The same day we went to Mads Nørgaards sample sale where I bought this beautiful wool, cashmere, nylon blend long, turtleneck sweater. This is what is going to keep me warm at cold times during this month. I decided for a thin bomber jacket from Weekday that I have owned for years to be my outerwear and I was so lucky to get my hands on brand new free sneakers this same weekend.
I met my beautiful family in Helsingør, and my mom brought me a pair of Puma sneakers that had been handed around until it found someone that fit them, from a famous norwegian football player. So they are marked ‘sample’ inside, and most fortunately for me they fit perfectly! (And believe me that never ever happens!)

Having only 4 different garments and a pair of shoes, I made myself some additional rules:

  • I am only wearing black underwear and socks
  • No jewelry, except for a small golden ring and my 4 tiny earrings 
  • No nail polish or henna tattoo (which is something I like to do)
  • I have two sunglasses, one with strength and the other one without, depending on if I am wearing contact lenses or not
  • In case of extremely cold weather, I am allowed to wear a thicker jacket and possibly a scarf 
  • And finally, if my feat hurt from the new shoes, I am allowed to wear another pair

Greetings from day 3,


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