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A month has passed already!

A month has passed already!

I can’t believe this. I don’t understand how time flew away like this.
After a week and a half this whole thing started feeling so natural to me that I totally forgot to think about it. It just became a part of me and my everyday and here I am now, amazed that time has gone so fast and surprised that I haven’t blogged more.
But, I think that is a good sign. I am so not ready to start wearing all kinds of clothes yet. I kind of can’t imagine doing it. And with major holiday plans ahead the thought of having only these 6 garments and some underwear in my backpack is just too tempting, so simple. So with out any promises I think that I would like to keep this going, at least until end of July. I know it sounds a little crazy, but since time has gone so fast this last month I think that almost two more won’t be a problem at all.

I have begun noticing recently that people are starting to recognize that I am always wearing the same. I get these looks, not bad at all, just you know when people look at you in general – only that they stop their glare a second more and I can just feel that they are thinking that now I have been wearing this for quite some time. I like these looks. I couldn’t feel it in the first two weeks, but now it has been long enough. Now people have started to recognize my “costume” or “uniform”. And it’s nice, I kind of get this feeling of provocation, but in a good way.

In this month I think this outfit has seen it all. I have taken it to multiple parties, dinners, school hours, walks and talks and never in all this time have I felt uncomfortable or out of place with the clothes that I am wearing. I have never felt under- or overdressed, never felt the urge to be wearing something else and never felt any pressure from other people about my choice of clothing. And I am a person that likes to dress to impress.
The only complaints that I can possibly have was the two times it was raining, and I had just straightened my hair, cursing my jacket for not having a hood.

Another thing I would also like to mention that I have observed in this time is the fact that I can feel that I am taking much more care of my clothing. I know that I only have the possibility to wear these two blouses, these two trousers, one sweater, one jacket and one pair of shoes. And that makes me be aware of taking good care of them. And there is of course extra caution around the light blue shirt and for example food and paint. But all the items are, after having been worn for 31 days in a row, in very good condition, which I am very proud to say and also a little bit encouraged. Even though we don’t buy top quality stuff we can still take care of it and use it to their fullest. Washing on lower temperatures with low spinning, not tumble drying or even just washing our clothes by hand (which I promise you takes no time nor effort at all, well at least not for me since I only wash two items at a time (while I am wearing the other set)) can expand their lifecycle a lot and give them more meaning. But all of that doesn’t matter of course if we just buy things to buy them or let them hang unused and unseen in our closest. This experiment has opened my eyes so much to this.

Well to round it up I am shocked how fast this has gone and how easy and good it has been, sorry about that it slipped my mind and that I haven’t blogged more. But at the same time I think it is a good sign of great success of this challenge and a hint that this will keep on going for some while. So by saying that I promise that I will write down some of the things that I have been wanting to say before I start wearing something else again.

31 days and counting,


Ahh, and P.s. there was a little article about all of this in the online Icelandic newspaper, unfortunately in Icelandic, but feel free to check it out here!

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