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the moments in between

the moments in between

Coincidentally looking up from your work 

where you’re sitting by your desk, 

and catching the exact moment 

when the candle that you had jagged into an old wine bottle runs out, 

the tiny rest of it falling into the empty bottle, 

where there once had been wine, 

drunk on what was probably a memorable night,

since you saved the bottle

but now you can’t even remember what it had been like, 

and the flame goes out as quickly as it falls, 

all that’s left is a tiny stroke of smoke 

coming up from it’s neck, 

not even two seconds that all of this took 

an ending of a life, 

of a fire, i mean, 

a moment so insignificantly significant, 

meant fo no one to see. 

or perhaps carefully planned to remind you 


that one day this will be how your fire, 

I mean life, 

goes out too. 

Walking along side the sea, 

as it’s gentle, steady waves soothe you,  

her breath reminding you of your own, 

to take them,

and once you’ve synced you breaths with hers 

she inhales deeply, 

collecting back all of her water than had run in between the rocks that you walk on, 

every drop going back to her embrace,

a deep breath that she holds for a moment,

and with care releases again. 

A large sigh that hits the rocks even higher 

and her wave is even louder. 

perhaps knowing that you were synced,

reminding you to do the same, 

take a deep breath, 

let it all out, 

telling you 

‘I know it all. 

I’ve seen all the problems of the world, 

met all the sorrow of time, 

and trust me, 

everything is going to be alright.’

On a dark night, 

darker than usual

you suspiciously look up for the moon 

hoping for it’s shine, 

to light up the night, even just a little. 

only to find that it’s not there

a guilty feeling growing inside of you 

when you realise how rarely 

you have thought of the moon

when it’s not there 

and how painful it must be 

to be only praised for your beauty, 

your power 

when it can be seen, 

but as the thoughts run through your head 

you understand 

that on the other side 

the moon is still shining, 

and it’s shining just for itself.

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