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how fragile this life is

And how there are such few precious moments that remind you of that fact.
And the major wave of breathlessness that hits you when you realise that you have no control.

You have absolutely no control over the essence of life,
the force that keeps you here,
keeps you awake within this life, keeps your spark lit.
And then one day, something, anything, can blow your spark out.
A stormy whirlwind with force, or a gentle passing breeze,
either one, or any other.
And then it’s dark.
The light is out, the life is gone, there is no more.

And you sit with this thought, it takes over your being completely,
you shiver and shake and the tears clog up your sight,
and you feel extra connected to this life force,
you feel it within you, streaming through your veins,
thoughts, the fibers of your being,
everything that you know, the only thing that is truly yours, but only really on loan.
A body for loan for this thing that is life,
with a definite,
but unclear return date.