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nakedness; series
the series nakedness was created and exhibited in september 2019.

The naked body is the purest form of the human; the way we were born.

The way we were made.

Today we are not ex- posed to that form a lot, we are taught to hide it, to be ashamed of it, to shape it, control it, contain it.

And then when we do get exposed to it, it is in most cases with a sexual connotation; in movies, porn, during sex.

There is nothing healthy about not being exposed to nudity in a form where it’s not sexualised, and exactly there is where a lot of our delusional standards of how a body should look, work, or be come from.

The lack of nudity in a healthy form, the lack of seeing all of the different types of bodies, or even the same kinds as yours, is what isolates us in our own thoughts on our own bodies.

My drawings and my paintings are filled with nudity, for exactly this reason.

Celebrating the nude as it is, the intense beauty of it, the power of it, the vulnerability of it.


The pieces were exhibited in September 2019

Prints available, please inquire about originals.

nakedness art piece hanging in exhibition with plants
art pieces hanging at exhibition illustrations