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daughter earth


daughter earth

series of oil paintings 

2019 – ongoing


Daughter Earth tells the story of the urgent need to shift energies of the world, from the masculine capitalist energy that has brought us and the planet to where it is today, to a more feminine energy, where healing, slowness, intuition and care are at the core.

The three women represent that feminine energy, and the way that they lean against each other in beautiful, soft nature, represents the healing, care and alignment with nature and each other, that the world desperately needs today.


The paintings are painted by reference of photographs the artist took herself of nine women in October 2019. The photoshoot was facilitated beautifully and carefully with the core values of feminine energies at the essence.


Pictured is the first painting in the series. The second and third are already in progress.


Daughter Earth
oil on canvas
80 x 120 cm