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one outfit one year


When something doesn’t feel right, I rebel. Which is exactly what happened during my second year of studying Fashion Design. The Fashion Industry is the second most polluting Industry in the world, and I realised that’s not some- thing I would like to contribute to. So instead of quitting I took the opportunity to make a stance. I changed my life- style to only wearing the same outfit everyday for a whole year. I kept a blog of the process, wrote my BA thesis about it, overconsumption and the conscious consumer, and designed my whole BA project around the concept using only recycled and sustainable materials, focusing on minimalism, timelessness and multi functionality. The BA project was done in collaboration with a fellow graduating student in graphic design that focused on storytelling and information sharing. The project got a lot of attention, and when a year had passed I was on the six o’clock Saturday news on the main tv channel in Iceland. A strong activist statement, a social experiment and the concept of my studies.


Read the blog about i kept during the year here.