I do take commissions for pieces in my own style. This can be perfect if you have a very specific size in mind, or want to have an influence on for example the colors. 

The way that the commission process works is that you tell me what you have in mind regarding size, style, colors etc. We then have a conversation about it after which I will give you the prize and estimated time frame for the commission. Before starting the commission I charge 1/3 of the price beforehand to ensure materials and the initial work. Note that this is a non-refundable deposit for the work. After the first payment has been made I will sketch out the piece, and once approved by all parties the painting will start. 

Commissions can take 1-4 months depending on size and drying time needed.

Once the piece is ready the rest of the price is payed in full, unless otherwise agreed upon, and the piece is then ready to be picked up or shipped. Shipping cost will be calculated at shipping time and is not included in the commission price. 

For further information and inquires about commission please get in touch!


júlíanna artisti painting in her studio